Der gute alte Stephen King

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    • Stephen King hat bei einem Event in Minneapolis erzählt das er an einer Geschichte mit dem Titel If You Bleed arbeitet in der es um Holly Gibney geht.…gic-feather-stephen-king/

      What inspired the idea for a sequel about Gwendy 25 years after she first got the button box?
      RICHARD CHIZMAR: I guess from just watching the news and seeing that a lot of new, diverse people were elected to Congress, a lot of females, a lot of young people, that stuck in my head. I woke up with a really clear picture of Gwendy and saw where she was all those years after we left her.

      So you saw her in office? How did you pitch the idea to King?
      I wasn’t pitching Steve, I emailed him and just said, “Hey, I saw Gwendy however many years later, and she’s an elected member of Congress, living in D.C., and the button box shows up again.” That’s all I wrote him. And I just looked at the email that he sent back. He said, “That’s a cool idea, very cool.”

      But he didn’t want to write it himself?
      He said, “I’m going to be spending the foreseeable future with Holly Gibney [a character in his Mr. Mercedes novels and The Outsider who is a major character in his newest book], but you should write it.”
      "Ich schreibe so lange, bis der Leser davon überzeugt ist, in der Hand eines erstklassigen Wahnsinnigen zu sein". ... `Stephen King´
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      About the Novel:
      Artwork"I can't bear to believe his presence in my life had anything to do with fate. It would mean that all these terrible things—these horrors—were meant to happen. If that is so, then there is no such thing as light, and our belief in it is a foolish illusion. If that is so, we live in darkness like animals in a burrow, or ants deep in their hill. And not alone."
      Revival by Stephen King is a dark and electrifying novel about addiction, fanaticism, and what might exist on the other side of life. This rich and disturbing tale spans five decades on its way to the most terrifying conclusion Stephen King has ever written. It's a masterpiece from King, in the great American tradition of Frank Norris, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe.

      Special Bonus Materials:
      • Sixteen full-color illustrations by François Vaillancourt, including three fold-out illustrations measuring 14 inches by 10 inches
      • An introduction by Josh Boone, writer and director of the forthcoming feature film adaptation
      • Exclusive artwork created by Vincent Chong for the film development process
      • "A Nasty, Dark Piece of Work" by Bev Vincent: an overview of Stephen King's writing of the novel
      • "Stephen King: The Rolling Stone Interview" — an epic twenty page interview with Stephen King originally published on Halloween 2014 by Rolling Stone magazine in celebration of the novel's publication

      Special Production Features:
      • Deluxe oversized design (7 inches X 10 inches) featuring two color interior printing
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      Who is signing?
      François Vaillancourt, Josh Boone, Vincent Chong, and Bev Vincent are currently scheduled to sign the signature sheets. Stephen King will not be signing.
      "Ich schreibe so lange, bis der Leser davon überzeugt ist, in der Hand eines erstklassigen Wahnsinnigen zu sein". ... `Stephen King´