F. Paul Wilson

  • "Double Threat is a new stand-alone thriller from New York Times bestselling author F. Paul Wilson.

    Daley has a problem. Her 26-year life so far has been unconventional, to say the least, but now shes got this voice in her head. It claims to be a separate

    entity thats going to be sharing her body

    from now on. At first she thinks shes gone schizophrenic, then considers the possibility that maybe she really has been invaded but by what?

    Medical tests turn up nothing, yet the voice persists and wont stop talking!

    When she finally she accepts the reality that she has a symbiont, she discovers that together they can cure people of the incurable.

    Maybe hosting a symbiont isnt such a bad thing.

    She retreats to a remote town in the southwest desert to hone her healing skills. But there she runs afoul of the Pendry clan, leaders of an obscure cult that worships

    the Visitors who inhabited the area millions of years ago. They plan to bring them back but believe Daley is the prophesied Duad who will undo all the cults efforts. She must be eliminated.

    You know things are bad when the voice in your head is the only one you can trust."

    in den usa erscheint dieses buch wieder bei forge, dem wilson stamm-verlag, nachdem es einige zeit so aussah, als müsse f. paul w. seine bücher im eigenverlag

    bzw. bei kleinst-verlagen unterbringen.

    freut mich natürlich.:thumbsup:

    "Wer nicht an Wunder glaubt, ist kein Realist." =O

    Yves Klein (1928-1962)

  • <3herzlichen glückwunsch f.paul wilson zu 50 jahre lang publizierender autor sein!

    danke für ihre vielen bücher voll unvergesslichem lesestoff!!! :love:;):saint::evil:8o

    This F File is deliberately late because I wanted to wait until mid month to celebrate 50 Years as a published author. Yep, 50 years ago this month "The Cleaning Machine" was published in Startling Mystery Stories #18 in March 1971. Doesn't seem like that long ago, even though many of you weren't even born then. In honor of those 50 years, Borderlands is collecting all my short fiction into 3 volumes: 50 years of F.

    (märz 2021 newsletter)

    "Wer nicht an Wunder glaubt, ist kein Realist." =O

    Yves Klein (1928-1962)